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Get Into Maldives

Hotels & Resorts


Travel Organizer

"Get Into Maldives" - a specialist travel organiser registered under the law of Republic of Maldives, offering all holiday needs, flight handling and maritime services in Maldives. We have a wealth of experience that rather compliments our youthful enthusiasm for travel to these exciting coral islands surrounded by the white sandy beaches and crystal clear seas.


Our Aim

Our aim is to provide holidays of real value rather than artificial cheapness. Our clients compliment our brochure as it has an attractive and enticing style, with its rather forthright descriptive text. Our website has been developed as an aid to this, and offers you instant access to our complete destination/ resort portfolio, with regular updates throughout the year. However we do encourage personal discussion, either by telephone or through website links. We are well travelled, know the resorts well, and are delighted to discuss your holiday plans in greater detail as required.


The Best Resorts

We are fond of saying that in general terms there is no such thing as THE best resorts, as much depends on your personal requirements, however we think you will find our brochure and website notes of assistance in selecting the right hotel for you. We hope you enjoy using our website and should you require any further information please use one of the contact links shown, or just call us on our 24H Office hotline: 00960 330 7664.

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