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Get Into Maldives

Services: Baggage & Cargo Handling

Upon arrival to Maldives, baggage will be handled by the Get Into Maldives staff, safely and securely, through the customs clearance to the next transportation area. It is our main priority to make the crew and passengers to be relaxed after the long journey to Maldives.

All logistic related activities including customs formalities and administrative assistance will be provided upon request.

Please note following items restricted into Maldives.

  • Liquor and Alcoholic products

    • According to Maldivian importation of liquor and alcoholic products without prior approval is prohibited.

  • Pork and Its By-products

    • According to Maldivian Law importation of pork and its by-products without prior approval is prohibited.

  • Chemical and Chemical Products

    • Chemicals

    • Acid

    • Poisons

    • Toxic substances

  • Pets

    • Health certificate from an authorized veterinarian, satisfying that the animal is free from infections or contagious diseases is required.

    • Note: the import of dogs and dangerous animals are strictly prohibited.

  • Firearms/Explosives/Weapons and Ammunition

    • Pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, pellet guns, etc.

    • Replica and imitation firearms, Components of firearms, Harpoon and spear guns, Stun or shock producing devices.

    • Explosives and explosive devices, Replica or imitation explosive material or devices, Fireworks, flares and other pyrotechnics.

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